In these tough economic times, it is essential 2 be prompt, 2 be effective

and 2 be efficient with each member’s time and money.

Promise2Care is committed to its members and their lives. The company’s dedication is displayed from the top management to the customer service representative, guaranteeing a pleasant and helpful experience. In addition to discounted service and time saving techniques, the company also believes in providing educational programs that help members prolong their lives through healthier living habits.

Through Promise2Care mail order Pharmacy, all parties involved are able to conserve their resources and spend less time going through tedious, unneeded processes.

The Promise2Care Pharmacy team is led by Readus C. Smith, III, Chairman/CEO. Mr. Smith ensures all Promise2Care guarantees through his rigorous customer service techniques. Members are sure 2 receive the most favorable standards in health care products and services. It is Chairman Smith’s personal conviction that in saving managed care companies money while encouraging members’ compliance with doctors’ orders, both the member and the managed care company thrive.

“If there is ever a concern, the Promise2Care team will do its best 2 deliver answers and action.
Each call, each customer, each situation is handled with care, because we realize the importance of your health and our services. This is more than a guarantee, the way that we do business everyday for you…I promise.”
Readus C. Smith